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Women’s Choir Invites Singers for 2014-15 Season!

 All women in high school and above who like to sing are invited to attend a rehearsal with Bella Voce, the women’s choir of Children’s Choir of Chico.  Under the direction of Susan Tevis, these singers, both experienced and new to choral singing, develop their vocal skills while rehearsing and performing music in many styles and languages. The singers of Bella Voce share a common passion: an intense love of singing and performing a variety of music with a high level of artistry.

Experienced and inexperienced singers are invited to join together for the common goal of singing beautiful, sensitive, and exciting music.  2014-15 performances will include Glorious Sounds of the Season (CSU Chico) and CCOC Fall & Spring Concerts.   Some members of Bella Voce will also undertake a European Concert Tour with other local singers – from Prague to Salzburg to Vienna – in July 2015!

If you love to sing, come to the first rehearsal of 2014-15 on Tuesday, August 26, from 6:00-7:45pm at the CCOC rehearsal space.   Invite a friend and come!  For more information contact Children’s Choir of Chico.

Discover your voice in the world!!

The choirs of Children’s Choir of Chico begin rehearsals for their 14th choir season the week of August 25 with registration continuing through September 16.

Join a choir in Children’s Choir of Chico to learn to read and write music, sing in varied languages, and learn songs from many genres, including great art music, Broadway, spirituals, patriotic songs, traditional songs, and folk music from around the world. Medieval to modern, Bach to Gershwin – you‘ll experience it through the Children’s Choir of Chico!

Early Childhood Division

Music experiences in the CCOC Early Childhood Division are offered for infants and parents, toddlers and parents, and pre-school age children.

Training Division

The Training Division includes beginning music fundamentals and choir experiences for children in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade.

Performance Division

A more formal choir experience is offered through the Performance Division for singers in grades 4 through high school (unchanged voices), and adult women in college through retirement. Bel Canto (7th Grade through high school) will collaborate with members of Bella Voce (women) and local community choirs to undertake a concert tour to Prague, Salzburg and Vienna in July, 2015. Contact CCOC now if you are interested in information about this tour.

All choirs annually perform for two CCOC Concerts and as guest choirs for various local organizations and events, including the DCBA Christmas Preview, Enloe Holiday Tree Lighting, DCBA Christmas Tree Lighting in the City Plaza and the CSU Glorious Sounds of the Season, a Chico State Music Department event.

Children’s Choir of Chico was formed in 2001 to unite the purity of children’s voices with excellence of choral music education and artistic performance. The original choir has expanded over the years to five choirs, including music experiences for early childhood and adult women. Experience and training are not necessary for the younger choirs or the women’s choir. For information on individual choirs and rehearsal times, or to schedule an interview for singers in grades 4 through high school, please contact the Children’s Choir of Chico.